Metal Gear Solid 4 – Can’t get past first "this game saves data…" screen

I picked up Metal Gear Solid 4 today and ran into an issue.  After you install the game, you get to the screen where it says “This game saves data automatically at certain points…”.  On this screen, you have to it X to continue.  The problem was, X didn’t do anything whether I hit it on my six-axis controller, my remote, or on my Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller.  That’s when I knew what the problem was.

I shut off the PS3, unplugged the guitar hero 3 USB dongle, turned the PS3 back on and went in to Metal Gear Solid 4.  When it brought me to the “This game saves data…” screen, I hit X on the six-axis controller and it went right in.

Now, I know what to do when I want to play MGS4.  The sucky part is that I have to do it every time I leave the GH3 USB dongle plugged in.