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Guitar Hero 3 Ultimate Song Request – Hocus Pocus by Focus

Since I started playing Guitar Hero 3 a month or so ago I’ve been keeping an ear out for songs that I think would be awesome to play in Guitar Hero.  Today, I thought of the perfect song, which I found a few months ago on the blog of Fake Steve Jobs: Hocus Pocus by Focus:

Now, this would probably have to wait until Guitar Hero: Focus Edition which would allow you to get points using not only the guitar, but the drums, the flute, by yodeling (voice recognition like SingStar), and using face expressions with a facial recognition system and the PS3 Eye where your score is based on how close your facial expressions match that of the lead singer.  I know I’d definitely be first in line to buy it.  Heck, I’d take a GH3 downloadable song right now even though I could only play the guitar just to tie me over until the full release.  Any other takers?  Are there any other songs that are as good, if not better (though I doubt one exists) than this one that you’d like to see in a Guitar Hero game?


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