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Explorer – “Size All Columns to Fit” Shortcut Key

It really bothers me and my 17 month old son that Windows Explorer in Vista randomly forgets the column widths between different folders.  It also bothers us that there isn’t an option to have the columns automatically size to fit when I browse between folders. 

So my day goes like this:

  1. Browse to new folder and see 4 letters of each filename…
  2. Move the mouse to column header bar.
  3. Right-Click.
  4. Choose “Size All Columns to Fit”.
  5. Browse to a different folder.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

A little bit of relief has been sent my way as I recently found out that there is a shortcut key for making the columns size to fit.  It took me more time than I normally like to spend finding a shortcut key, which is why I am posting it here, in hopes that others may find it more easily.


It looks like the Carson Daly version of C++, doesn’t it?  (as I quickly call in to have them show the flotzam video just one more time; they allow c# to be played since they’re all related)

In English, it means the Control Key (pick your favorite) and the + key located on your number pad, not the one that gets to be on top of the equal sign.  This also means that this shortcut requires either long fingers, or two hands.  If you can’t afford long fingers you can always use those popsicle sticks you have in your pen/junk drawer as finger extensions.

In reality, I could display it like this: Ctrl plus +


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